Audi RS3 with an Engine Misfire

EEprom Error Code


This lovely Audi RS3 was taken to another ‘tuning’ company with an engine misfire.

The owner spent nearly £3,000 on a remap, injectors, coil packs, spark plugs and an ECU. However, the car still had a misfire afterwards and the company suggested a full engine rebuild.

The car arrived at WV Autotech Ltd, Luton with 3 fault codes-

1. An ECU EEprom error

2. Swirl Flap Control error

3. A misfire on Cylinder Three

A loud hissing noise could be heard while the car was idling, so a smoke test was performed.

This identified the inlet manifold gasket was blowing around cylinder 3 and the vacuum pipe for the swirl flaps was split.

It was also noted that the injector seals were in very poor condition, despite just being replaced, so all new genuine seals were fitted.

Rectifying the 2 air leaks, removing the substandard remap and returning the car to stock resolved all 3 of the fault codes, meaning no engine rebuild was needed on this 40k mile car!

The customer then opted for a customised Stage 1 ECU Tune which has totally transformed the performance of the RS3 with an increase of 43bhp & an impressive 95 newton metres of torque!

Audi RS3 Engine Misfire