BMW 325D Fails Emissions test due to poor ECU Remap

MOT Emission Failure


BMW 325D

This lovely BMW 325D came into the workshop at WV Autotech Ltd, Luton having failed its recent MOT Emissions test.

Upon acceleration during the full diagnostic health check, the BMW threw out thick clouds of black smoke from its exhaust. The car had been tuned elsewhere so the ECU was removed to get a full bench read to check the quality of the remap. The ECU remap installed was of poor quality and causing the BMW to massively over fuel and throw out excessive black smoke from the exhaust.

After removing the poor remap, our customised Stage 1 ECU tune was applied to the 325D BMW which not only resolved the over fuelling issue and black smoke but also significantly improved the vehicles performance and increased fuel consumption.

A bottle of Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner by JLM Lubricants was then added into the fuel tank to help clean both the Cat and the DPF.

The car then passed the emissions test when it was taken for an emission’s re-test, proving that there would be no further emissions failures during its future MOT retest.

BMW 325D Failed Emissions Test