BMW 330D gets an increase of 120nm of torque!

Avon Tuning Stage 2 ECU Remap


A local BMW 330d owner booked into WV Autotech Ltd, Luton for an Avon Tuning Stage Two ECU Remap. The ECU Remap was installed using our AutoTuner Remapping Tool, supplied by Avon Tuning. The AutoTuner is ultra-fast, intuitive and powerful with real-time data logging; cutting edge technology!

BMW 330D Stage 2 Remap

All of our remaps are customised to your specific vehicle and requirements and we also offer a diagnostic health check on your engine to ensure your vehicle is in optimum condition and ready to safely receive the engine enhancements. For further peace of mind, all original maps are backed up to a dedicated secure server should you want to revert back to the original configuration in the future.

Just look at the gains achieved with this remap; an impressive increase of 72bhp and 120nm of torque! The customer was extremely impressed with his BMW’s performance afterwards and it has totally transformed his driving experience.

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