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As part of the DPF Doctor Network, WV Autotech Ltd, Luton are extremely proud to support DC Lubricants in our garage. The DC Lubricants Range include world class additives to clean the entire fuel system of both petrol and diesel cars, that combined with the knowledge, expertise and support from the DPF Doctor Network ensures we can correctly diagnose, rectify and clean your DPF





A powerful diesel fuel additive used in the regeneration of diesel particulate filters, helping to lower the temperature of soot collected in the DPF. The unique combination of a clean fuel system, clean combustion with lower emissions and catalysed soot particles will clean up and will help keep the DPF, the catalytic converter, the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and the turbo compressor clean from harmful deposits.


  • Ensures trouble-free operation of your DPF-system
  • Cleans up and keeps your DPF system clean
  • Enables quick and complete soot combustion and regeneration
  • Prevents DPF clogging
  • Cleans the engine, the turbo variable vanes and exhaust system
  • Reduces emission of smoke, HC, CO and particulate matter
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Extends DPF and catalyst service life



A concentrated all-in-one effective problem solver for all deposit related issues in petrol engines. This product effectively cleans injectors, valves, the combustion chamber and the whole fuel system, helping to optimise combustion with its added octane booster.


  • Extremely effective concentrated problem solver
  • Cleans the fuel system including injectors, valves & combustion chamber
  • Prevents deposit build-up in and malfunctioning of the catalytic converter
  • Boosts octane number by 2 – 5 points
  • Restores engine power and performance
  • Improves combustion and driveability
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Eliminates rough idling, hesitation or knocking
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases



An oil-based product used to target, clean and remove internally any sludge, rust, gum and varnish from the engine.


  • Internally cleans and flushes the engine with highly effective cleaning agents
  • Eliminates gums, varnish, rust & sludge
  • Easily removes contaminants like carbon deposits, soot and liquids
  • Reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions

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Kam MaheyKam Mahey
17:51 28 Feb 24
What can I say, will definitely be getting my cars serviced regularly from here. Very friendly receptionist, dealt with a top guy who was very informative & helpful. Car now running even more smoother than the day I purchased it from a Volvo dealership. Thank you so much!
11:31 22 Jan 24
Brought my Mercedes Sprinter truck into Wayne for my wheel alignment- very impressed!Truck drives mint; actually like new- doesn’t pull or follow the ruts on the road anymore and the price was very reasonable.Thanks guys.
Ryan Wells-PorterRyan Wells-Porter
22:25 20 Jan 24
So I had my car in with Wayne around 3 months ago now... its taken me this long to write a review because ive been too busy enjoying the new life in my V40!After reading a few horror reviews on the V40 forum (not about WV Autos) and how unfriendly Volvos have been to work on in the past for other garages, Wayne and Trish set my mind at ease! More than happy to answer any and all questions I had and were recommended to me by several people who have used them in the past.My 2013 Volvo V40 D4 had issues with the DPF, blocked beyond regeneration, was in limp mode for around 3 weeks and started misfiring if I dared go up a hill! Not ideal when you live on a hill and need to get to and from work.Wayne worked his magic on the DPF, EGR and done a remap. I can honestly say its like driving a brand new car! She's never been so responsive in the 8 years ive had the car, absolutely no hiccups AND just passed my MOT with no issues with emmisions which was a big concern of mine.Cant thank the team at WV Autos enough for their amazing work and quick turnaround. Anyone that asks no I tell them exactly where to head for top quality service!
08:54 13 Jan 24
Had an engine light come up. My issue was sorted and also had a Stage 1 remap. Car feels much nicer to drive and less sluggish. Highly recommend, great friendly people.
Taylor TappinTaylor Tappin
16:31 12 Dec 23
Fabio DouradoFabio Dourado
18:27 22 Nov 23
From the moment I stepped in, this garage is definitely the place that I'm going to be trusting my car to go to ,Wayne was straightfoward with all the issues my car had , took my BMW E88 118d in, had my dpf rectified , Turbo Booster hose replaced and Serviced , stress free since then.What else can I say? Huge Thank you to this professional ,trustworthy and helpful garage that I'm glad I decided to put my foot in!
Male TravellerMale Traveller
16:45 20 Oct 23
Did the work on my car really quickly to make my visit a short one as they knew I was not from the local area. Fantastic customer service with top quality work done on my car. Highly recommended.