Dirty Engine Oil blows BMW Mini Turbo

Overdue an Oil & Oil Filter Change


This thick, dirty oil was drained out of a BMW Mini with a blown turbo.

This video highlights the importance of keeping up with your car maintenance; if you cannot afford a full yearly service then alternate every other year with a basic oil change and new oil filter, by doing this you can avoid extremely costly repairs or worse!

Diligent car maintenance can help you catch minor issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. One common annoyance drivers run into is dirty oil. In most cases dirty engine oil isn’t necessarily bad as long as you get timely changes.

Over time, your vehicle’s oil filter can collect dirt, debris, and gunk. All that gunk can cause your engine oil to become dirty. This is normal. But once the oil becomes dirty, it’s time to change the oil and oil filter because dirty oil can harm your car by damaging engine parts, decreasing fuel efficiency, or even triggering an engine breakdown or blow your turbo.

Brand-new engine oil is typically a translucent amber colour, similar to the colour of honey. Once new oil is added, it circulates through the engine block to lubricate parts, redistribute heat, clean the engine, and fight rust and corrosion.

Over time oil can become contaminated, making it darker and thicker. Such changes in your oil’s colour and viscosity may prevent it from working as it should!


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