DPF assessment on a Nissan Juke saves time & money

Caused by Under Boost Faults


Nissan Juke DPF Issue

A Nissan Juke arrived at WV Autotech Ltd, Luton with DPF and under boost faults. This car had already been to another garage before us and they quoted the customer over £2,500 for a new turbo.

We always start with our initial DPF assessment so we can be confident in where the fault lies and eliminate any previous misdiagnosis’s. Our assessment quickly proved the turbo was in fact perfectly fine and the faults lay elsewhere.

A combination of highly effective JLM Lubricant chemicals were used to flush the engine before an oil change, the DPF was then cleaned using the JLM 3-stage system. A further JLM product; the extreme clean was used to clean the entire fuel/turbo/EGR system.

Nissan Juke DPF Issue

The DPF pressure was over 150mb at idle. Afterwards the pressure was reduced to 5mb once the DPF cleaning process was performed.

The customer was extremely happy not only to have saved a significant amount of money but their vehicles performance and drivability had also been greatly improved.

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