Honda Jazz Catalytic converter theft in Sundon Park, Luton

CAT Theft


A local Honda Jazz owner was busy doing their food shop when their car was jacked up and their catalytic converter (CAT) was removed from the vehicle.

Honda Jazz Stolen Catalytic Converter

A very distressing experience for all and unnecessary costs were incurred to not only replace the catalytic converter but the whole exhaust and two oxygen sensors. WV Autotech Ltd, Luton have access to many reputable suppliers so were able to source all of the parts for the customer and have them back on the road the very next day.

Stolen Catalytic Converter Stats

Taken from Fleet News on 15th December 2020-

Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at CompareTheMarket, said: “These statistics are high and the value of the metals within catalytic converters has increased significantly, resulting in a car part which was previously of little interest to thieves suddenly becoming very valuable, which explains the spikes.

“For those who are worried about falling victim to this type of theft, try parking your car in a way which would make it difficult for thieves to slide under the car to access the catalytic converter. There are also anti-theft devices you can buy and fit to your car to prevent unwanted attention.”

If you find yourself a victim of catalytic converter theft and need assistance and advice, then call us on 01582 968995.