Land Rover Discovery TD5 needed watts link bushes

Replaced using genuine Land Rover parts


This bright green Land Rover Discovery TD5 came into us WV Autotech Ltd, Luton for a it’s annual MOT and service.

Land Rover Discovery TD5

Upon closer inspection it was apparent that the bushes on the watts linkage needed replacing. Genuine Land Rover parts were sourced for the customer and he was back on the road safely in no time.

A watts linkage is a part of the rear suspension. It’s used to locate the rear axle laterally underneath the car, while allowing the body of the car to travel vertically. A watts link attaches to the rear axle with a pivot point, then its arms bolt to the body of the car. As the body of the car moves up and down, the pivot point will move up and down, traveling in a line. Since the pivot point is traveling in a line, it keeps the axle located directly under the car.

Perished watts link bushes can cause unnecessary tyre wear or damage and cause a knocking noise to be heard from underneath the vehicle.

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