Magicar Implant fitted on a BMW M4

CAN-BUS Immobiliser with Pin Code


We are now an Authorised Magicar Vehicle Security Dealer- Improving technology since 2013.

Our loyal customer wanted a reliable anti-theft solution for his newly acquired BMW M4.  We didn’t hesitate to offer him the can-bus immobiliser implant from Magicar.

As car crime is constantly evolving, so is technology. Thieves are using new techniques such as a relay attack to steal modern cars with keyless entry and push button start systems. The Relay attack technique is simple, the signal from a key fob inside your house is boosted allowing the car doors to be unlocked and the engine started with the push of a button

WV Autotech Ltd, Luton are always looking to offer our customers innovative, cutting edge products and the Magicar Implant Immobiliser is ground-breaking- micro technology with maximum security and comes complete with a two-year warranty. The immobiliser is just one of the innovative car security products that we supply, we are also able offer a range of impressive Can-Bus (Controller Area Network) Magicar car alarms.

The Implant is a small CAN-BUS (Controller Area Network) immobiliser that has to be deactivated using an ID tag or pin code from inside the vehicle (or a Bluetooth signal from a mobile phone.) in order to start the engine. The implant works without the need to cut wires making it undetectable to thieves.

If it’s harder to find…. it’s harder to bypass.

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