Naturally Aspirated Fiat 500 in for an ECU Remap

No Turbocharger


This customer enquired about ECU Tuning options for their lovely little Fiat 500 fitted with a naturally aspirated engine.

Remapping a naturally aspirated car is perfectly possible, although the gains are considerably smaller than on something with forced induction (has a turbocharger)

So, after setting the expectation with the customer that the remap ‘gains’ will not be hugely aggressive but the car should be more responsive when driving, the customer booked in to have a customised ECU Stage One remap.

Fiat 500 ECU Tuning


Benefits of getting your naturally aspirated car remapped-

Your engine will be more eager to rev
Your engine will rev smoother
You want more top-end pull and peak power
You want better fuel economy from the above


Remapping your naturally aspirated car may not be worth it if-

You are looking for serious power gains;
Your car already has a high-power output (e.g. E90/92/93 BMW M3)

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