Turbo Issues on your vehicle? Complete failure is imminent.

A blown turbo equals engine damage


Your vehicle can run without an efficiently functioning turbocharger, but it will perform poorly, and your decision could possibly have dramatic repercussions. If the issue is an oil supply or internal component-related problem, complete failure is imminent.

The longer you drive your car with a blown turbo, the more damage the engine will have and therefore the more costly it will be to repair. This turbo may have failed due to a lack of regular maintenance and oil changes.

A turbo needs oil to function properly. A lack of oil, the wrong grade of oil, or poor quality oil will lead to a build up of carbon deposits and contaminants in the engine, which can cause abrasive damage to the turbo. A new oil filter and oil change will see you spend around £100. A new turbo and labour costs can cost you anything from £600 upwards….

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