Using the ‘ODIS’ Main Dealer Tool to reprogram a new Car Key


Lost your VAG vehicle key? WV Autotech Ltd can help!

We can supply, fit and programme genuine VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda car keys using the specialist main dealer diagnostic tool but at a fraction of main dealer prices.

You need to exercise caution when buying aftermarket car keys for your vehicle as some manufacturers deem this as tampering with a security device. If your vehicle gets called in by the manufacturer for a recall, the dealer will plug your car into their mainframe and the computer software will show that you do not have a genuine car key but an aftermarket key.

The dealer may then refuse to action the recall and could remove your vehicle from the system for future recalls. This potentially could cost you a lot more money in the long run.


VW Golf Transponder Car Key

What is a Transponder Car Key?

Since their introduction in 1995, almost all new cars built today are manufactured with a transponder car key.

Transponder car keys contain microchips that transmit low-level signals from the car key to the receiver located inside the vehicle. The car manufacturer will programme the microchip inside the transponder car key with a unique serial number that will only match to the digital serial number in your car.

Using radio frequency identification, or RFID, the receiver will detect the serial number and can only unlock or open the car if the correct serial number is identified and matched.