Vauxhall Insignia split Boost Pipe causing DPF Faults

DPF Unable to Regenerate


Vauxhall Insignia Split Boost Pipe

A Vauxhall Insignia booked in with us at WV Autotech Ltd, Luton was displaying DPF faults.

The owner had already taken the car to three different garages, all of which carried out a DPF clean without thoroughly investigating the cause of the DPF blockage.

As part of the UK wide official DPF Doctor Network, we carry out a one-time, flat rate DPF assessment to find out the reason why your DPF became blocked in the first place.

This assessment not only pin points the route cause of your issue first time but also saves you time, effort and money too. Sadly, in our experience we find that a high percentage of cars do not require a DPF clean in the first place.

This Vauxhall Insignia had several issues which prevented the car from carrying out its own successful regeneration. One of these issues was a split boost pipe, making the previous DPF Cleans at other garages futile and a complete waste of time and money.

Once the boost pipe was replaced and the vehicle repaired, the DPF was then cleaned thoroughly using our specialist industry leading cleaning chemicals supplied by JLM Lubricants and in turn the DPF will now be able to regenerate itself.

If you have DPF issues and feel you would benefit from our one-time, first fix DPF assessment then please get in touch on 01582 968995.